A Clean And Healthy Insurance Email List?

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May 31st, 2016


Insurance Agency Email MarketingMaintaining a clean insurance email list helps agencies and brokers improve their online reputation, increase deliverability, reduce complaints and increase conversion rates. In order to have a clean list you need to manage bounces, age your list, eliminate inactive users and allow subscribers to update information.

  • Manage Bounces: create a policy where you will remove an email after four or more soft bounces. You should also remove all emails after a hard bounce. Hard bounces are typically removed by any quality email marketing engine, but you should check your email database to ensure this is being done correctly. Soft bounce policies vary by vendor, watch those bounces as they impact deliverability and reputation.
  • No Longer At: Over time people change email addresses, leave a company or lose interest in your organization. An increase in bounce rate can indicate that you need to increase your list maintenance. You should remove employees who are no longer at their company or who have retired after every campaign.
  • Eliminate Inactive Users: Create a policy where you remove contacts if they don’t open emails or don’t respond to calls to action after a specified period. Or separate these users into multivariate test campaigns to see if you can induce interaction with a completely different approach.
  • Manage Subscription: Offer subscribers a chance to change the frequency of emails or update their information. This is often better than a simple opt out, as recipients may want to limit frequency instead of completely opting out of your campaigns.

Sending information subscribers no longer want can increase spam complaints. Sending emails to inactive email addresses can hurt your reputation with ISPs. Improve delivery, open rates, click through rates and conversion with proper insurance email marketing list maintenance.

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