Are the Days of Direct Mail Marketing Dead For B2B Insurance Agencies?

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December 28th, 2011


This blog is based on one of my most viewed blogs and articles called, “Are the Days of Direct Mail Marketing Dead For Insurance Agencies?” It was written in June 2010 and discussed the demise of direct mail as an effective, or at least long term insurance agency marketing solution. The US Postal Service was a prominent feature in the discussion, running massive deficits at that time, which as of yet appear unabated.

I received interesting comments, as some marketing agencies, service organizations and insurance agencies continued to extol the virtues of direct mail. But I think most of them today, would agree, there are much better, more efficient and environmentally friendly means to reach prospects. Some of these include:

  • eMarketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Seminar Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Video (including YouTube)
  • Insurance Agency SEO

For B2B insurance agencies, there are even more compelling reasons to go digital and eschew any thoughts of Direct Mail, which is appropriately called snail mail in this context. Direct mail is slow, difficult to measure in many ways including how many are opened by your target audience. And it’s difficult to determine if the physical mailer reached the person intended. Direct mail will continue to get slower (First Class mail will no longer be delivered next day) and more costly, as the inherent inefficiencies in the model continue to act as an economic anchor on the entire process.

The simple conclusion for B2B Insurance Agencies… If you haven’t stopped direct mail – do so – and do so now! Invest in your future with digital marketing, particularly methods that build a foundation for your future success. For more information, go to: Insurance Agency Marketing –

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