All-Inclusive Resorts and All-Inclusive Marketing Agencies

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September 22nd, 2018


Picture1This week I returned from vacation in Mexico.  My wife and I spent a week at an all-inclusive resort on the Caribbean in Mexico.  We had a wonderful trip.  Perfect conditions for relaxing on the beach and recovering from a busy summer and recharging for the coming fall.  During the flight home, I was thinking about why we chose an all-inclusive for our vacation.  This was not the first time, and likely will not be the last, so why do we find them so special?

The key is that we have whatever we want, whenever we want, with no additional fees.  We prefer to have relaxing days on the beach and nice dinner dates in the evening.  But if one day while we are relaxing in the beach cabana we decide to sail or surf, its no problem.  And if we decide we would like to start our dinner with champagne and strawberries and have cheeseburgers for dessert, its no problem.  And if we decide the day calls for margaritas at the pool, or a round of golf or a massage or dinner on the balcony – its no problem.  I only call one person – the same person – and as long as my request is reasonable, they make it happen.  Worst case an unusual request simply takes a little longer to fill.

Why can’t more businesses be like this?

I think they can.  The cost for an all-inclusive is similar to what I would typically spend for a resort-style trip where I make my own food and entertainment arrangements, and I often find it to be a much greater value.  There are many professional services firms that can offer clients a retainer based program in which all of their needs are met.  Again, they must be within scope and within reason – but every challenge is overcome by the professionals which they have retained.

At StartUpSelling we offer monthly retainer programs custom made to meet our clients needs.  We also provide an all-inclusive option.  Clients who invest a certain amount are rewarded by an active and effective response to their every need.  And as long as the request is reasonable, we make it happen.  Worst case an unusual request simply takes a little longer to fill.

Originally Posted by John Scranton August 11, 2011

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