9 (Business) Things I am Thankful for This Year [From the Archives]

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November 11th, 2015


This list of 9 things I am thankful for was originally posted on November 23rd, 2010, but not much has changed…1

  • The Internet – Al Gore’s great invention has allowed us to build a great and profitable company from a series of virtual (home) offices.  Amazing technological progress.  Thanks Al!
  • GoToMeeting – I meet with clients, prospects and colleagues via GoToMeeting everyday.  Easy to use, effective and affordable.  Thank you Citrix!
  • LinkedIn – The social network of business has allowed me to consistently find prospects and clients via the web, for free.  I will repeat that because it is so important – for free!  Thanks LinkedIn!
  • WordPress – Simple and easy to use blog interface.  Attractive and professional blog templates.  And like our friends at LinkedIn, they provide this service at the low cost of free.  Thanks WordPress!
  • eMarketing – What if I told you that you can email your target prospects, then see who read, opened or clicked on the email?  Then you can call these interested parties and sell to them.  I do this every week, and our results have been impressive.  Thank you eMarketing!
  • Skype – You may be noticing a theme, but it appears I like things that have little or no cost.  I used to have a cell phone glued to my ear.  Now I have a comfortable headset that allows me to connect with people for free.  Thank you Skype!
  • SEO – Not only has SEO become a great source of new business, it has also become one of our most popular services.  Agencies find us as a result of our impressive SEO, and want to develop the same pervasive presence.  Thanks SEO!
  • The Knack – This book by Norm Brodsky with Bo Burlingham has become somewhat of a small business Bible for me to refer to and learn from.  I have read it twice this year, and reviewed chapters several times.  Candid and direct insights for small business people.  Thanks Norm!
  • My Pipeline – The best way to finish off the year is with a flurry of sales activity.  The best way to achieve this is with a vibrant, robust prospect pipeline.  I am fortunate to have a great pipeline to work with and great sources for new prospects.  Thanks Pipeline!
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