8 Excellent Reasons Why Your Agency Should Blog

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April 20th, 2020


Insurance Agency Blogging - Insurance BlogsThere are many great reasons why your agency should be blogging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an important time, to be consistently in touch with your clients and prospects. Here eight compelling reasons why you should be blogging today:

1.  Provides a non-sales reason to reach out to clients and prospects

  • This can be done in an automated (email marketing) process, or by sending individual emails to your top prospects.

2. Helps show your agency cares about them, by providing timely content. For example, blogs like this can be extremely helpful to your clients:

  • How to Manage a COVID-19 Remote Workforce?
  • Insurance Implications when your Workforce is Teleworking
  • Will Business Interruption Insurance Cover COVID-19 Losses?
  • Motivating your Remote Workforce
  • The CARES Act and the Impact on your Business

3. Shows the lights are on, and that your agency is actively engaged. Repurpose blogs for multiple uses:

  • Send your blogs to prospects
  • Use your blogs for eMarketing campaigns
  • Share and promote your blogs on social media
  • Show that your agency is comfortable in virtual and digital mode

4. Improves Social Media Reach

  • Don’t think your clients and prospects spend much time on social media – think again! Blogs provide high quality content for your agency (and producers) to share content on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

5. Drives traffic to your website

  • A blog, preferably with original content, helps drive clients and prospects to your insurance agency website. It gives them a reason to visit, and a reason to stay.

6. Improves domain authority and search engine marketing

  • Blogs help improve insurance agency search engine optimization.
  • Your original content is indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Better SEO helps attract prospects

7. Allows you to control your message

  • What do you want to say to your clients and prospects?
  • How would you like to brand your agency?
  • How can you help the during this unprecedented time?

8. Helps showcase your insurance agency expertise

  • Blogs can and should be one of your most visited website areas, with the longest visit duration on your website. Showcase your agency and industry expertise with a timely, topical, and relevant blog.

Many insurance agencies and brokers lack the internal resources and writers to post consistent blogs. If so, contact the insurance agency marketing team at StartUpSelling for a complimentary discussion about blogging, content marketing, website updates and more!