8 Excellent Reasons Why Your Agency Should Blog

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June 7th, 2020


Insurance Agency Blogging - Insurance BlogsThere are many great reasons why your agency should be blogging, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an important time to be consistently in touch with your clients and prospects. Here eight compelling reasons why you should be blogging today:

1.  Provides a non-sales reason to reach out to clients and prospects

2. Show your agency cares about clients and prospects by providing timely content. 

3. Show the lights are on, and that your agency is actively engaged. Repurpose blogs for multiple uses:

  • Send your blogs to prospects
  • Use your blogs for eMarketing campaigns
  • Share and promote your blogs on social media
  • Show that your agency is comfortable in virtual and digital mode

See the other five reasons why your agency should blog here.

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