A strong outbound insurance lead generation program should include an educational insurance webinar series

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March 14th, 2015


Insurance Web SeminarsA strong outbound insurance lead generation program can and should include an educational insurance webinar series. Agencies, brokers and wholesalers which have incorporated insurance webinars into their marketing initiatives have seen impressive results, registration often ranges from 50 registrants to over 300 registrants, and a 60% or greater attendance rate can be achieved with educational content and interesting topics. Insurance webinars are effective for essentially any agency, broker or wholesaler, but are most effective when targeting groups such as transportation, construction, benefits/health, etc.). 

Webinars help showcase expertise, demonstrate thought leadership and elevate the conversation from insurance sales to partner and consultant. Where can agents and brokers find topics and speakers? Leverage internal experts, external partners, carrier partners, consultants, CPA,s tax advisors and industry consultants to create a well respected and well attended webinar series. And to ensure an optimum result, insurance organizations can either leverage their internal marketing team or outsource the initiative to a proficient insurance marketing agency.

The marketing catalyst for insurance webinar series rests upon email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. Both can prove highly effective in driving registrants to an insurance webinar series. Insurance email marketing initiatives should be handled by digital marketing professionals, ensuring agents and brokers are adhering to CAN-SPAM and opt-in email marketing best practices. Email marketing initiatives are only as good as the underlying email marketing list. Agents and brokers who do not have a comprehensive prospect and client email list should work on building one immediately, and if they are unsure how to accomplish this, should seek qualified outsourced guidance on this important topic. A high quality target list is not only the foundation for successful insurance digital marketing, it is an important and valuable digital asset for every agency and broker! 

Social media marketing is often an untapped resource for agencies, brokers and wholesalers, as it is now common for 50% of registrants to be gleaned from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, assuming agents and brokers have a viable insurance social media marketing initiative in place. LinkedIn remains the most important social media platform for B2B centric insurance agencies and brokers, while Facebook should be the go to platform for B2C campaigns. That said, with there are many good and inexpensive tools now available to post simultaneously to all major social media platforms. For example, let’s say a broker wanted to announce a new “ACA and Compliance Update Webinar”. This message could easily be posted to LinkedIn, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Twitter at the same time, and the posts could be automatically tracked. There are many cost effective cloud based solutions now available to do this.

Webinars combined with professional email marketing and insurance social media marketing campaigns can provide an impressive educational foundation for agents and brokers seeking to differentiate themselves from the pack. Web Seminars can target prospects, clients or both, to help keep agents and brokers establish and maintain their “digital” relationship. These live webinars can then be recorded, and used as video fulfillment to augment insurance websites, resource libraries, and YouTube channels to extend the reach of any agency, broker or wholesaler.

Agencies, brokers and wholesalers which lack the marketing staff or expertise to accomplish effective email marketing can contact StartUpSelling for assistance at (518) 222-6392.

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