6 Important Tips For Insurance Agency Content Marketing

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March 9th, 2016


Insurance Content Marketing

Insurance content marketing is a somewhat all inclusive term, as it impacts so many aspects of an insurance marketing plan. From social media marketing to insurance websites to blogging, insurance email marketing and article publishing, insurance agents and brokers want to utilize high impact and highly relevant content. Consider these simple tips to help your agency follow best practices when it comes to content marketing.

  1. Begin with something interesting, newsworthy or educational:
    Write about PPACA Updates, New CSA Rulings, Final Rule on EDL, OSHA Updates, Biggest Cyber Breaches of the Year, etc.
  2. Write concisely and clearly:
    If you’re targeting commercial or benefits markets, write in a concise and business oriented style. Use bullets when possible and get to the point quickly!
  3. Identify Your Audience: Write to and about your audience. What are they most concerned with? What is impacting them or will impact them in the near future? What information is needed and wanted. Make the content speak to them.
  4. Touch Your Audience Emotionally: Fines, penalties, sweeping industry changes, innovations and regulatory updates are most likely to reach your audience on an emotional level.
  5. Leverage Your Experience & Expertise: Share information in such a way as to convey your industry expertise, without “selling”. Demonstrate that you are in tune with both your industry and theirs,  to elevate the digital conversation and help establish your on-line rapport.
  6. Vary Content with Video and Images: Use images, video, recorded webinars, infographics and other rich content collateral to reach a larger audience. People learn in different ways, don’t make your content pure text.

Compelling and consistent digital content helps agencies, brokers and wholesalers achieve their insurance agency marketing goals. Agencies, brokers and wholesalers which lack content marketing staff or expertise can contact StartUpSelling for assistance at (518) 222-6392.

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