5 Steps Agencies Should Adopt to Improve Trucking Lead Generation

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July 18th, 2022


Insurance Trucking LeadsMany insurance agencies are successfully outsourcing appointment setting call initiatives for trucking lead generation. Here are three of our recent examples from monthly calling campaigns. This was the average monthly prospect appointment setting campaign results for trucking agencies across the United States:

  • 1 to 5 Power Unit Profile = 25.1
  • 5 to 25 Power Unit Profile = 16.6
  • 5 to 75 Power Unit Profile = 13.4

So how are these agencies filling the pipeline with exclusive in-profile prospects? Here are five steps agencies should adopt to achieve impactful and profitable trucking lead generation results:

  1. List – No matter how well the initiative is executed, a poor list will produce a poor result, or certainly take much greater effort to achieve the desired results. Make sure your trucking prospect list includes accurate contact information, current renewal dates, and is scrubbed to remove accounts outside your target profile. Don’t waste time on accounts you don’t want or can’t write.
  2. Pitch – A clear and concise call pitch that quickly conveys value and expertise will attract more attention and elicit better opportunities. Long, vague or indirect approaches will frustrate prospects, appointment setters and waste time. Review, refine and rehearse the pitch until you feel it is perfect.
  3. Appointment Setter – Not all appointment setters are created equal. It takes a unique skill set to be able to dial the phone 20+ times per hour, deliver a pitch with clarity and enthusiasm, deal with rejection, and close appointments when the opportunity arises. Finding a professional who can consistently produce results is the linchpin for appointment setting success or failure.
  4. Lead Handling – A clear and documented lead handling process will ensure that agency producers have a formula to successfully harvest the crop of leads. This step by step guide will prevent ripe opportunities.
  5. Reporting – Execute, measure, refine, repeat. Accurate reporting and tracking are required to determine the success of any lead generation initiative.

Many agencies find that it is more efficient and effective to outsource these tasks as it is time consuming to interview, hire and train appointment setters, and challenging to monitor and constantly refine lead generation project nuances.

To learn more about trucking agency lead generation, contact StartUpSelling, Inc. at (518) 222-6392 for a complimentary review and learn how and why other agencies are succeeding with this proven lead generation methodology.

Note that above results will vary by project size.
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