5 Simple Tips for More Effective Insurance Email Marketing

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September 8th, 2015


Insurance Email Marketing
Insurance Email Marketing

Insurance agencies are often reticent to adopt insurance email marketing as a key component of their lead generation strategy. This might be due to limited resources, a limited understanding of insurance emarketing, or simply because they don’t think they are an effective way to reach prospective customers. However, when done correctly insurance email marketing can be an extremely effective lead generation tool for agencies, brokers and insurance wholesalers. Here are five simple tips for insurance email marketing initiatives.

  1. Use Text and HTML Emails

HTML emails don’t always display properly. People often have their email settings set up so that it prevents images and other enhanced features from downloading to protect their system. These settings make a graphically rich email that looks good in your email marketing folder, look almost unintelligible to the recipient. If you create an email using only text, it lacks the visual appeal of an HTML email. The best advice is to send a multi-part mime email (MIME – Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) which will then render the better version to the recipients email client. Another option is to mix some elements of both, using for example a small image embedded with the text, so that it will look attractive regardless of the prospect’s email settings.

  1. Segment Your Contact List

Segment your contact list into smaller niche lists. This will help you create targeted information for your subscribers that is personalized, relevant and actionable.

  1. Keep Your Sign Up Form Simple

When you are creating a sign up form to expand your email list or for event registration, you want to keep it simple. Only ask for information that you absolutely need in order to prevent people from deciding that joining your email list is too much work.

  1. Keep Your Subject Line Short

The goal of your subject line is to encourage people to open your email. Keep it under 50 characters to make sure people can quickly ascertain whom the email is from and what it is about.

  1. Include Your Contact Information

Increasing the open and click through rates of email campaigns requires your agency to establish a level of trust with your subscribers. The only way to do this is to create quality content and to prove your agency is a viable and trustworthy organization. By including the phone number and email address of a contact person for your email marketing campaigns, you will make people feel more comfortable with your agency and your services.

Creating a successful email marketing campaign takes time. Your agency is competing with junk mail, graymail and emails from companies that have already built a rapport with your subscribers. These five tips will help lower your unsubscribe rate, increase engagement and create a level of trust with your subscribers that will make future campaigns more successful. Agencies and brokers which lack the resources, time or knowledge necessary to utilize insurance email marketing as an effective lead generation tool can contact the insurance email marketing experts at http://StartUpSelling.com, or call (518) 222-6392.

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