5 Signs That Your Website Is Hurting Your Insurance Agency

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April 13th, 2017


Insurance Social MediaHow do agency owners determine when their website is too far out of date? What are the warning signs? How can agents and brokers tell when their site has passed the tipping point, moving from passable to an embarrassment? Here are 5 signs that your website is out of date and a potential liability to your business:

  1. It’s Narrow: Site only occupies the middle 50% of a laptop screen or large monitor.
  2. Not Mobile Compliant: It doesn’t render well, or operate correctly on mobile devices.
  3. Images Are Small: The images are small, out of date, or fail to convey professionalism.
  4. Small Text: Your text is small, difficult to read, or out of date.
  5. Old Content/No Editing: Your content is old and your website is difficult to edit.

We believe that websites should be an asset to agency owners and producers, showcasing your professionalism and expertise. A website that will display professionally on any device, from a PC to laptop to tablet or smart phone. View some before and after images of insurance websites, and see a visual example of the 5 signs that your website is way too far out of date.

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