3 Steps to Fill Your Pipeline [From the Archives]

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March 10th, 2016


Insurance Email Marketing

1.) Launch an Email Campaign – Insurance agency eMarketing is an important aspect to the successful growth of many agencies, however I believe that it is also a tool that can ignite your marketing initiatives and fill your pipeline quickly.  By sending educationally oriented messages with a clear call to action to your target prospects, you can determine who might be interested in your services.

2.) Run a Web Seminar Series – Running web seminars that draw your in-profile prospects are a highly effective mechanism for building your prospect pool.  Delivering useful information to your target market will allow you to build rapport and convey your value proposition, making the ensuing calls a very warm call for your producers.

3.) Targeted Follow Up Calls – What good is an email or web seminar campaign if it does not yield appointments and opportunities?  Follow up with all who show interest in your email messaging or web seminar presentation in an expeditious manner.  These are prospects who now know you and have some level of interest in your services, so reach out and qualify them and begin filling your pipeline.

Bonus Tip: Leverage LinkedIn – While executing steps 1, 2 and 3, take a few minutes to leverage LinkedIn to spread your message.  Posting your email message or web seminar invitation in appropriate groups can improve results, and connecting with those you speak to will increase rapport and your ability to communicate.

Originally Posted by John Scranton on October 12, 2011

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