Insurance Agency LeadsInsurance agency lead generation is most effective in a multivector approach. This is because different lead generation strategies provide different results based on target market, timing, and a variety of other factors. From most immediate to most strategic, these insurance agency lead gen tactics include:

  • Appointment setting: Leads the first week, leads every week. This tried and true method can bring fast results to agencies, but stays flat over the long-term. Excellent for immediate leads.
  • Email marketing pointing to e-collateral or contact-based calls to action: Email campaigns can return relatively quick results. Lists should be larger than with appointment setting and can take more time and more initial cost to develop, but within the first few months your agency will have touched many more prospects than could readily be achieved with appointment setting. Builds brand awareness and develops medium-term growth.
  • Search engine optimization and website traffic modification: Optimizing your web pages for search engine visibility and website user accessibility are key components of any well-run insurance agency marketing program. Long-term they will lead to significant growth for your organization in terms of brand awareness and lead generation. A slow but steady strategy that provides significant insight into your prospects and your web presence.
  • Email marketing in concert with webinar series: Imagine running live web seminars attended by hundreds of important contacts in and around your prospect pool, posting the webinars for on-demand viewing to capture visitor info from hundreds of additional prospects on your website, and making warm follow-ups by phone or email with individuals who know exactly what you do and are already interested in your services. This is the long-term success story of running a webinar series. Excellent for agency growth, brand awareness, e-collateral for email marketing, and much more. This is perhaps the most long-term strategy, though some of the benefits (such as creating new high-quality content for your website) are more immediate.
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Blogging Guidelines for Insurance Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Posted on April 25, 2017
  • by John Scranton

Insurance Social MediaMany insurance agencies fail to harness the marketing power of a blog. Note the important rewards of a successful blog:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Create new prospect opportunities
  • Improve client relations/retention
  • Position your agency as a thought leader

Here are a few guidelines that insurance agencies should follow to deploy the power of a blog:

  1. Humanize your content- A blog is much more words on a page. Well written content will create a voice of its own and engage prospects.
  2. Improve your customer service – A blog can be an interactive forum where your agency experts can answer client questions, resolving complex issues or providing key updates.
  3. Give them what they want – Clients/prospects want to easy access to information. By consistently sharing targeted content, you position your agency as a reliable source for the future.
  4. Generate more traffic – Blogs attract new readers and in turn new website visitors. You can encourage website visits by leveraging keyword phrases and internal links as calls to action.
  5. Position yourself as an industry expert – Increase your authority by posting current, relevant  and targeted information that is important to your prospects.

To know more about how blogs can improve your web marketing program, visit us at StartUpSelling.

Originally posted by John Scranton on January 20, 2015.

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3 Steps to Fill Your Pipeline

  • Posted on March 27, 2017
  • by John Scranton

Insurance Email Marketing

1.) Launch an Email Campaign – Insurance agency eMarketing is an important aspect to the successful growth of many agencies, however I believe that it is also a tool that can ignite your marketing initiatives and fill your pipeline quickly.  By sending educationally oriented messages with a clear call to action to your target prospects, you can determine who might be interested in your services.

2.) Run a Web Seminar Series – Running web seminars that draw your in-profile prospects are a highly effective mechanism for building your prospect pool.  Delivering useful information to your target market will allow you to build rapport and convey your value proposition, making the ensuing calls a very warm call for your producers.

3.) Targeted Follow Up Calls – What good is an email or web seminar campaign if it does not yield appointments and opportunities?  Follow up with all who show interest in your email messaging or web seminar presentation in an expeditious manner.  These are prospects who now know you and have some level of interest in your services, so reach out and qualify them and begin filling your pipeline.

Bonus Tip: Leverage LinkedIn – While executing steps 1, 2 and 3, take a few minutes to leverage LinkedIn to spread your message.  Posting your email message or web seminar invitation in appropriate groups can improve results, and connecting with those you speak to will increase rapport and your ability to communicate.

Originally Posted by John Scranton on October 12, 2011

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